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                                      Holocaust Memorial Torah Scroll Fundraiser

Our Holocaust Memorial Torah Scroll has been away for repairs. Bet Mishpachah welcomed our Scroll home on September 18th at 10:00 AM.

Members of Bet Mishpachah had the opportunity to assist the Soferet (scribe) in completing the entire project, thus, fufilling the last of the 613 Mitzvot to write your own Torah.








Toda Raba to those who helped repair our Holocaust Torah!

Isaac Belfer  

Joel Wind 

Al Munzer  

Andres Doernberg 

Mary Arras 

Nathaniel Deutsch  

Douglas Auerbach and Nick Mower Rabbi Laurie Green 

Mary Hubbard 

Kasey Bigsby and Evan Zuckerman Devra Floyd 

Andi Kasarsky 

Diane R. Liff and Georgia Korn  Larry Neff 

Jeff Nakrin 

Scott Reiter 

Beth Cohen and Fran Sneider  Deb Hyman and Paula Morris Alicia Saffer 

Barbara BradyGoldberg and LySandra   GoldbergBrady  

Whitney Babash 

Rod Ross 

Marc Bernstein 

Jerry Goldberg 

Bruce Horowitz 

Myrna Fawcett 

Mindy Gasthalter  

Noah Wofsy  

Tom Sachs 

Davi LaBarre 

Mitchell Haymes 

Warren Snaider 

Morris Umansky 

James Radack 

Michael Lustig 

Craig Ziskin and Roger Schechter 

Rabbi Bob and Loretta Saks, in honor of our Beloved Bet Mish community Charlie Stewart, in memory of Jack M. Hillelsohn 

Allan Armus, in memory of Mark Goldfarb 

Joseph Pomper, in memory of Dr. Seymour and Ms. Judith I. Pomper 

Glenn Garelik, in memory of Grace Garelik 

Gilbert Swift, in honor of Allan Armus 

Eryca Kasse, in memory of Human Lives Murdered in the Holocaust  

David Fox and Robert Margrave, in memory of Lori Altman, aunt of David Fox  Bob Hollis and Don Jewler, in memory of Arthur/Belle Hollis and Nathan Jewler Barry Friedman, in memory of my parents, Morris and Ann Friedman 

Barry Friedman, in honor of the marriage of my nephew Harry D’Agostino to Samantha Hamlin Rachel Wolkowitz, in memory of my Bubbie, Martha “Magda” Wolkowitz Matt Saal, in honor of my parents, Stan and Lee Saal 

Elyse Wander, in memory of my father 

Judy Retchin, in memory of my grandparents  

Helene Bloom, in memory of Rosalind and Nathan Bloom 

Michael Singer, in honor of Marsha Zeisel 

Mark Agrast, in memory of Charlotte and Harold Agrast

Fri, June 14 2024 8 Sivan 5784