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“What is an offering to God? Charity to God's children."   -- Talmud 

For members and non-members, making a donation to Bet Mishpachah is an important and meaningful way to support the congregation and insure its future.  Bet Mishpachah is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and donations are tax-deductible.

 Donations can be made in honor of the memory of loved family and friends, to celebrate life cycle events or special occasions, to establish a legacy, or to demonstrate a commitment to this egalitarian synagogue, our faith, and our community. At the donor’s request to our administrator, information acknowledging a donation can be sent to designated persons.

 Bet Mishpachah Funds

Donations can be made to the general Operating Fund or to one of the specialty funds described below.  Donations not otherwise designated will be placed in the Operating Fund.

  •  Operating Fund.  Donations cover day-to-day operating expenses throughout the year, and most donations go to this fund.
  • Richard A. Kopely Emergency Assistance Fund. Donations provide short-term, emergency financial assistance, through small grants or loans, to people in need. The Rabbi and the President of the Congregation determine who may receive assistance from this fund.
  • Richard Krampf Memorial Social Action Fund. Donations augment contributions made in the community by the Social Action/Social Justice Committee, including food drives, clothing drives, community service days, and financial support to Jewish and LGBTQ+ organizations. 
  • Mark Leonard Goldfarb Memorial Accessibility Fund. Donations assist members with special needs, such as tactile interpreting or Braille books. In addition to providing access, the fund is used to start pilot programs for special needs individuals.
  • Rabbi's Discretionary Fund. Donations are used at the rabbi's discretion for charitable donations, honoraria for guest speakers, anonymous assistance to members, and synagogue expenses not covered by other funds.

  • Joel & Murray Woldman Oneg Shabbat & Kiddush Fund.  Established by a bequest from a long-time congregant, donations provide onegs and kiddush supplies, as well as refreshments at some onegs and kiddush lunches.

  • Endowment Fund.  Donations provide a sound financial foundation for the Congregation.

Donation Options:


  • Mail your check to Bet Mishpachah, P.O. Box 1410, Washington, DC 20013. Add a note describing the purpose of the donation and the Bet Mishpachah fund to which it should be directed. 


  • Bet Mishpachah receives your full donation, but you cannot designate a purpose or direct the donation to a specific fund.  Donors can email the treasurer to explain the purpose or direct donation to a specific fund. 

  • Consider using PayPal Giving to maximize your donation.  Ignore the disclaimer regarding inability to fund the charity.  Bet Mishpachah is registered and will receive your donation.   


  • Purpose and/or fund can be designated with the donation, but PayPal takes fees.  To enable Bet Mishpachah to receive the full donation, the donor should add 3%.  

Cash App

Stock Donations

  • Bet Mishpachah accepts direct donations of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, as well as transfer of funds from IRAs, including as part of a required minimum distribution. This type of donation may result in a tax benefit. Donors should contact their tax professional or financial to find out if these types of donations are appropriate.  If interested in this type of donation, please also contact our treasurer.
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