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Rabbi Jake's Fall 2022 classes

Rabbi Jake will be teaching four exciting new fall classes.  Come in person or join us online for one or all of them.

False Messiahs in Jewish History and the Movements They Inspired - Saturday, September 10th, following the Shabbat morning service, at 12:30 pm.       

The idea of mashiach - a messianic figure who will come to repair the world at the end of days - has existed in Judaism for over 2000 years.  In that time, various figures have emerged and presented themselves as that figure.  In doing so, they’ve inspired sometimes radical movements and groups.  Their supporters have waged battles, left everything behind, and spread the word - and yet the Jewish people still await the true messianic age.  How have these individuals managed to see themselves in this light, and how have they tricked others into believing the same?  We’ll try to find out.

Where Midrash and the Koran Meet - Saturday, November 12th, following the Shabbat morning service,12:30 pm.                                                                     

What do Jewish stories about the Torah have in common with the holiest text in Islam? Surprisingly, quite a bit!  There are many examples from both bodies of work that match up in striking ways.  Both were inspired by the stories and characters in the Torah, and the similarities may point to a shared tradition of storytelling and meaning making.  We’ll look at both works in order to see where they come together and where they part ways.

Abortion and Reproductive Rights in Jewish Tradition - Wednesday, November 30th, at 7:30 pm.                  

With the recent Supreme Court case overturning Roe v. Wade, there is much discussion about religious values and how they inform decisions surrounding reproductive rights and abortion.  Judaism differs importantly from many streams of Christianity on these points, and it is even more important now to understand how.  We’ll examine Jewish texts and traditions on the topics of abortion and body autonomy.

Sing a New Song - A Survey of New Melodies for Ancient Texts - Wednesday, December 14th, at 7:30 pm.          

We all have the melodies to certain prayers and texts that speak to us - perhaps something from childhood or something we’ve learned somewhere along our Jewish journeys.  Jewish musicians and composers are always finding new ways to bring meaning to ancient texts, and we’ll hear how some of them have interpreted them through song.  We’ll hear examples from Israeli artists, queer Jews, and camp song leaders, and do some singing along as well.

The Zoom invitations will appear closer to their dates in the weekly “This Week and Beyond” electronic newsletter, on our Facebook page Classes are always free for members of Bet Mishpachah.  There is a suggested donation of $10 for non-members which may be made on our website.


Wed, February 1 2023 10 Shevat 5783