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Shabbat and Festival Services

Shabbat Services | High Holy Days Archive

Shabbat Services

Erev Shabbat services are held every Friday evening at 8 pm, followed by an Oneg Shabbat (social hour) with dessert, coffee, and soft drinks.

Most services on the second Friday of the month are upbeat musical Mizmor Shabbat services with song leader/guitarists Rabbi Ben Shalva or Robyn Helzner.

Services on the third Friday of the month generally feature a Torah discussion ("Text Messages: Torah for Today") in lieu of a sermon.

Services on the fourth Friday of the month are "classic" Bet Mishpachah services with traditional congregational melodies.

Shabbat Morning Services are held the 2nd and 4th Saturday morning of each month at 10:00 am, and include a Torah reading (on the triennial cycle) and a participatory discussion on the Torah portion followed by a kiddush and buffet lunch.

Shabbat services are held at the Edlavitch Washington DC Jewish Community Center (EDCJCC), located at 1529 16th St NW, Washington DC 22036.  The entrance is on Q Street. 

For more information about specific services, festival events, and other programs, please see the Calendar or refer back to our homepage.

High Holy Days Archive

Bet Mishpachah holds High Holy Day Services.  Location, ticketing, and service details are provided in our High Holy Days Page  when this information becomes available in the summertime.  We maintain an archive of D'rashot from previous years and they follow.  

Archive of D'rashot (Sermons)

5781 (2020)

Rosh ha-Shana Evening I 5781 (Rabbi Jake Singer-Beilin)

Rosh ha-Shana Morning I 5781 (Rabbi Jake Singer-Beilin)

Rosh ha-Shana Evening II 5781 (Keith Cohen)

Rosh ha-Shana Morning II 5781 (Marc Bernstein)

Erev Shabbat Shuva 5781 (Eva Freund)

Kol Nidre 5781 (Rabbi Jake Singer-Beilin)

Yom Kippur 5781 (Al Munzer)

5780 (2019)

Rosh ha-Shana Evening I 5780 (Elke Martin)

Rosh ha-Shana Morning I 5780 (Rabbi Jake Singer-Beilin)

Rosh ha-Shana Evening II 5780 (Eva Freund)

Rosh ha-Shana Morning II 5780 (Marc Bernstein)

Kol Nidre 5780 (Rabbi Jake Singer-Beilin)

Yom Kippur 5780 (Sarajane Garten)

5779 (2018)

Rosh ha-Shana Evening I 5779 (Rabbi Laurie Green)

Rosh ha-Shana Morning I 5779 (Al Munzer)

Rosh ha-Shana Evening II 5779 (Keith Cohen)

Rosh ha-Shana Morning II 5779 (Marc Bernstein)

Kol Nidre 5779 (Rabbi Laurie Green)

Yom Kippur 5779 (Sarajane Garten)

5778 (2017)

Rosh ha-Shana Evening I 5778 (Rabbi Laurie Green)

Rosh ha-Shana Morning I 5778 (Elke Martin)

Rosh ha-Shana Evening II 5778 (David Schwarz)

Rosh ha-Shana Morning II 5778 (Eva Freund)

Yom Kippur 5778 (Al Munzer)

Kol Nidre 5778 (Rabbi Laurie Green)

Shabbat Shuva 5778  (Eryca Kasse)

5777 (2016)

Rosh ha-Shana Evening I 5777 (Rabbi Laurie Green)

Rosh ha-Shana Morning I 5777 (Al Munzer)

Rosh ha-Shana Evening II 5777 (Vinny Prell)

Rosh ha-Shana Morning II 5777 (Marc Bernstein)

Kol Nidrei 5777 (Rabbi Laurie Green)

Yom Kippur 5777 (Eva Freund)

5776 (2015)

Rosh ha-Shana Evening I 5776 (Rabbi Laurie Green)

Rosh ha-Shana Morning I 5776 (Al Munzer)

Rosh ha-Shana Morning II 5776 (Marc Bernstein)

Kol Nidre 5776 (Rabbi Laurie Green)

Yom Kippur 5776 (Stuart Sotsky)

5775 (2014)

Rosh ha-Shana Evening I 5775 (Sarajane Garten)

Rosh ha-Shana Morning 1 5775 (Rabbi Laurie Green)

Yom Kippur 5775 (Rabbi Laurie Green)

5774 (2013)

Erev Rosh ha-Shana (Eva Freund)

Rosh Hashanah 1 Morning (Rabbi Green)

Rosh Hashanah 2 Morning (Marc Bernstein)

Kol Nidre (Rabbi Green)

Yom Kippur (Judy Barlas)

Sun, June 13 2021 3 Tammuz 5781