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High Holy Days 2020

Planning | Yizkor Book

High Holy Day Planning


Save the dates now to join us for Bet Mishpachah’s uniquely spiritual and meaningful High Holy Day (HHD) services for the New Year of 5781.  This year all High Holy Day services will be conducted virtually.  Registration information will be posted when details are finalized.



Yizkor Book


In Jewish tradition, when we write the name of someone we love or respect who has died, we append the Hebrew letters zayin and lamed after their name. This stands for zichrono l’vracha, “may they be remembered as a blessing.” It means that when we call them to mind, we should remember the good that they did in their lives and keep it alive through our own actions. What we do and how we behave is a reflection of our parents’, teachers’, and other loved ones’ influence on our own lives. We keep our memories of them alive, not just by a passive recollection, but by doing something — a mitzva — and associating their names with our actions. One way to do this is by making a donation to the congregation in their memory and having their names published in Bet Mishpachah’s annual Yizkor booklet. This booklet is used on Yom Kippur and other holy days when Yizkor is observed. This is not the same as observing a Yartzeit, the anniversary of a death. Submitting names for Yartzeit announcements will not result in the names being published in the Yizkor booklet. You must take the active step to perform the mitzva by making a donation to publish their names in the Yizkor booklet.

Click here to download the form in PDF, or here to download the form in Word.


Mon, August 10 2020 20 Av 5780