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High Holy Days 5782

Planning | Service Schedules | Member Registration | Non-Member Registration | Preparing Your Home | Yizkor Book

High Holy Day Planning

The High Holy Days this year are full of even more excitement than usual.  We will be coming back together as a community to have in-person services at the EDCJCC Cafritz Hall.  In addition, those who are unable or not ready to join us in person will have the option of participating in the services via live stream.  Whether you are with us in person or virtually, we hope that all who attend our services will find the same warmth, spirit of introspection, renewal, and celebration that have been part of our tradition for over 46 years.  

As many of us come back together in-person after being apart for so long, we rejoice in the sense of community and togetherness that we wish to feel over the course of our High Holy Day season.  We also find a sense of newness and joy in our new machzor - Chadeish Yameinu.  Familiar and new prayers, readings, and meditations blend together to lift up our prayers and focus our thoughts on the essential themes of this time of year.  With language and prayers that speak specifically to our community, we put into practice the words of Rav Kook, “the old will be made new, and the new will be made holy.” Details of machzor distribution will be forthcoming.

You can download and print all this information as a PDF document by clicking here.

Service Schedules

All services will be in-person and also live streamed.  All in-person services, except for Tashlich, will held be at the EDCJCC Cafritz Hall.  Due to space considerations and social distancing needs, members and guests must register for services as described in the registration section that follows this schedule.

  •  Saturday, August 28th, S'lichot service, 8:00 pm: Alex Carter and Ruth Potts co-lead (all virtual)    
  •  Monday, September 6th, Erev Rosh ha-Shana 1, 8:00 pm:  Rabbi Jake Singer-Beilin and Vinny Prell co-lead, with Rabbi Ben Shalva as Hazzan and Rabbi Jake Singer-Beilin as Darshan.
  •      Tuesday, September 7th, Rosh ha-Shana Morning 1, 10:00 am:   Alex Carter and Larry Neff co-lead, with Rabbi Ben Shalva as Hazzan and Eva Freund as Darshanit.
  •      Tuesday, September 7th, Tashlich Service, 3:00 pm:   Eryca Kasse leads at the P Street Beach (P Street and 23rd St NW).
  •      Tuesday, September 7th, Erev Rosh ha-Shana 2, 8:00 pm:   Scott Reiter and Allan Armus co-lead with Rachel Wolkowitz as Darshanit.
  •      Wednesday, September 8th, Rosh ha-Shana Morning 2, 10:00 am:   Jeff Burka and Paula Morris co-lead with Marc Bernstein as Darshan.
  •      Friday, September 10th, Erev Shabbat Shuva and Mizmor Shabbat, 8:00 pm:   Rabbi Jake Singer-Beilin leads, with Robyn Helzner as Cantor and Keith Cohen as Darshan.
  •      Saturday, September 11th, Shabbat Shuva Morning Service, 10:00 am:   Rabbi Jake Singer-Beilin leads.
  •      Wednesday, September 15th, Kol Nidrei, 7:00 pm:   Ruth Potts and Scott Reiter co-lead, with Rabbi Ben Shalva as Hazzan and Rabbi Jake Singer-Beilin as Darshan.
  •      Thursday, September 16th, Yom Kippur Morning Service, 10:00 am:   Rabbi Jake Singer-Beilin and Rachel Hamberger co-lead, with Rabbi Ben Shalva as Hazzan, and Sarajane Garten as Darshanit. 
  •      Thursday, September 16th, Martyrology/Yizkor Service, 12:30 pm:   Allan Armus and Elke Martin co-lead.
  •      Thursday, September 16th, Rabbi’s Study Session, 3:00 pm:   Rabbi Jake Singer-Beilin leads.
  •      Thursday, September 16th, 5:00 pm, Mincha Service:   Vinny Prell and Jeff Burka co-lead with Rabbi Ben Shalva as Hazzan.
  •      Thursday, September 16th,  N’ila/Havdala, 6:00 pm: Larry Neff and Paula Morris co-lead with Rabbi Ben Shalva as Hazzan.

Member Registration

Registration For In-Person Services:  For the safety and comfort of members and guests, in-person attendance will be limited to 120 seats, which represents 60% of the capacity of the Cafritz Hall.  Children under the age of 12 will not be permitted to attend in-person services as they are not able to be vaccinated. Members (including service leaders and participants) must register on Eventbrite for each in-person service on the list below that they wish to attend.  By registering, members will certify their full vaccination status.  Member only registration links were sent to members via email "HHD Guide" on July 20th.

  • Erev Rosh ha-Shana 1
  • Rosh ha-Shana 1 Morning
  • Erev Rosh ha-Shana 2
  • Rosh ha-Shana 2 Morning
  • Kol Nidre
  • Yom Kippur Morning
  • Yom Kippur Afternoon and Concluding Services

Member-only priority registration opened on Eventbrite at 12:00 pm, Wednesday, July 21st, and will continue through 12:00 pm on Tuesday, August 17th. Members will need to have completed their 2021-22 membership year renewal before registering during this window.  Registration will be closed from August 17-20 for administrative purposes and reopen to everyone on a space-available basis on August 21st  at 8:00 pm through noon on September 3rd.

Registrants will receive an Eventbrite ticket for each service. Please print the ticket(s), or save to your mobile device, and bring it (them) for entry to services.  In addition to registering on Eventbrite for each in-person service, anyone attending any service at the EDCJCC must complete and electronically sign the EDCJCC Liability Waiver online.  You need only do this one time.   

Members are encouraged to register their guests as soon as the non-member registration window opens on August 21st

Registration for Live Streamed Services:  Members do not need to register to for live streamed services.  They will automatically receive via email the zoom links for any and all services they will not attend in person. 

Non-Member Registration

Registration For In-Person Services:  Non-members, including the guests of members, are cordially invited to attend in-person services based on available seating capacity once member-only registration closes.  Registration for non-members will open at 8:00 pm on Saturday, August 21st. The links will be public and searchable on Eventbrite.  Every non-member will be required to register on the Eventbrite site for each service they expect to attend and complete and electronically sign the EDCJCC Liability Waiver online.  Non-members must register individually and may not bring an unregistered guest.  By registering, non-members are certifying their full vaccination status.   Specific instructions for non-member registration on Eventbrite will be provided here and our weekly email by August 19th.

Bet Mishpachah asks that non-members consider a $54.00 donation per service when registering, to help defray the significant cost of the services.  The registration process on Eventbrite will allow non-members to make the donation at check-out.  Registrants will receive an Eventbrite ticket which they will print or save to their mobile device and bring with them for entry to services. 

Registration for all in-person services will close on at 12:00 pm September 3rd.

Registration for Live Streamed Services:  Beginning Augst 21st, non-members may also register for live streamed services.  There are no capacity constraints.  Registration will also be on Eventbrite, with donation requested, and registrants will receive service Zoom links. 

Check-In for In-Person Services

All attendees will be directed to our check in table where they will present their printed or mobile Eventbrite ticket to have their names verified on the registration list.   

In Conclusion

Refer back to this page for any changes.  Please contact if you need any assistance in registering online.  On behalf of Bet Mishpachah's Board of Directors and our High Holy Day co-chairs, we wish everyone a sweet New Year.

Making Your Home a Sanctuary: Spiritual and Technological Preparation

If you choose to attend some or all services at home, you are encouraged to create a mishkan, a sanctuary, a dwelling place for Spirit, in your own home.

Take the opportunity ahead of time to be prepared. Is there a quiet place you could create a sanctuary for yourself? How will it feel during the day, and at night? What kind of lighting or seating would make you feel most centered? What special clothes will you wear? Are there some objects you could put in your space that are beautiful or meaningful or fragrant? Gather up whatever you would like to have for the appropriate service: challah, candles, apples and honey, wine or grape juice or appropriate beverage, yartzeit candle, a stone for the Yizkor service, Havdala set for Erev Rosh ha-Shana 2 and for Yom Kippur.

Since services will be lived streamed through Zoom, you have the opportunity to watch through your computer or, if you are so connected, through your TV.  What’s important is the process of thinking about how you want to view. Awakening ourselves to what we are doing. Seeking ways to adapt. Opening ourselves to whatever will be. Finding hopefulness. That is the path we have set for the Days of Awe this year.

Yizkor Book

In the Jewish tradition, when we write the name of someone we love or respect who has died, we append zichrono l’vracha, “may they be remembered as a blessing.” It means that when we call them to mind, we should remember the good that they did in their lives and keep it alive through our own actions, such as the mitzva of making a donation to the congregation in their memory and having their names published in our annual Yizkor booklet. This booklet is used on Yom Kippur and other holy days during the year when Yizkor is observed.  The deadline for submissions for this year's Yizkor book is August 27th.  The form can be found in the Mishpachah Members Monthly or at    The deadline for submissions is August 27th.


Wed, August 4 2021 26 Av 5781