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The work of the congregation is carried out by a Board of Directors and numerous committees. All positions are elected for two-year terms.

President: David Schwarz - president@betmish.org
Director of Religious Affairs: Larry Neff - religiousaffairsdirector@betmish.org
Director of Programming:  Paula Morris - programmingdirector@betmish.org
Director of Membership: Eileen Greenberg - membershipdirector@betmish.org
Director of Administration: JonRobert Johnson - administrationdirector@betmish.org
Secretary: Douglas Auerbach - secretary@betmish.org
Treasurer: Bob Hollis - treasurer@betmish.org
Director of Community Affairs: Rachel Wolkowitz - communityaffairsdirector@betmish.org
Director of Congregational Affairs:
 Sue Sliber - congregationalaffairsdirector@betmish.org