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Bet Mishpachah is a congregation for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Jews and all who wish to participate in an inclusive, egalitarian, and mutually supportive community. Since its founding in 1975, our congregation has grown to hundreds of members.

Our membership is comprised of singles, couples, and families, and is open to everyone, regardless of religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We are proud to have a celebratory community of women and men who share equally in the leadership of the congregation.

We join together for weekly Shabbat services, educational events, social action/social justice community service, and holidays-- affirming our religious and cultural heritage, and integrating Gay and Lesbian and Jewish identities.

Our part-time rabbi guides our spiritual path, and conducts some of our weekly services. Others are conducted by lay leaders.  Consequently, our Shabbat services provide variety of spiritual experiences and approaches.

And, speaking of music, you do not want to miss our incredible choir, Tach'shitim.

Want to learn more? See recent issues of Mishpachah Matters, our newsletter, join us for Shabbat or an upcoming event, or contact us!