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Our Cemetery
The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the availability of Bet Mischpachah congregational cemetery space. We have purchased a section of the Elesavetgrad Cemetery in SE Washington, DC. It is adjacent to the Ohev Shalom, Adas Israel, and Washington Hebrew cemeteries. The address is 3233 15th Place SE, Washington, DC 20020-2903.
The cemetery is Metro accessible via the Congress Heights metro station on the Green Line.

As with our move to the DCJCC, Bet Mishpachah will again become more visible in another historically Jewish space.

Information about the Bet Mishpachah cemetery:

· Members and their immediate family may acquire sites for $2,000 per site

· The purchase price includes perpetual care

· The purchase price does not include opening and closing costs

· Gravestones are required, but are not included in the purchase price

· Pre need purchases may be paid in full or in installments

· Time of death purchases must be paid in full within 45 days of interment

· Interfaith couples are permitted; however the certificate of ownership will be registered in the name of the Jewish spouse. Non-Jewish religious symbols are not permitted on gravestones. No other faith services may be conducted graveside

· Inurnments of cremated remains are permitted

· Grave liners are not required

Interested in acquiring a site?

Contact Allan Armus at 703-525-4261 or


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