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Rabbi Green's Classes


Fall 2013:  "Pious Prostitutes and Political Prophets: Great Biblical Women You Probably Know (Almost) Nothing About"


Spring 2014:  "Passover Palooza:  The History, Politics, and Theology of the Haggadah. 


Fall 2014 (Starting October 22nd):  If you liked the Rabbi's first two class series, stand by for the her fall series "Bed, Bath and Beyond: Everything They Never Taught You About Sex, Gender Identity, and Getting Naked in Torah."  This series will be Wednesday evenings from October 22 - November 12 at 7:00 pm at the DC JCC.  Come have a real bedroom discussion: Friends-with-benefits? Open relationships? Which restraints and toys can you use on Shabbat? Why don't rabbis ever talk about what Jews really want to know about sex? And what about the ritual bath? Is it really just for conversions and Orthodox women? How can we as LGBTQ people reimagine the ritual bath in new ways? Ways that get beyond blood and sex? Ways that make blood and sex progressive? What about genderqueer transitions or sex change rituals? What about lesbians who want to maintain menstrual taboos in their sexual practices? What about gay men who want to reclaim mikvah? While not a lab course (that's for optional homework), this class will get way beyond the same-old conversations about gay sex and premarital sex, and explore sexual and gender diversity in new ways. So come learn about the sexual roleplaying of the rabbis of the Talmud, and read a Hebrew poem about tefillin as leather bondage. (Yes, you read that correctly!)

Attendance at the rabbi's class is free to all members and open to all. A suggested contribution of $5, particularly from nonmembers, to defray the costs of programming, is highly appreciated.


If you have questions, please contact Rabbi Green at

Jewish Study Center


The Jewish Study Center offers a wide array of classes and programs of Jewish content and invites anyone, regardless of background, to learn, grow and socialize.   The Study Center offers three semesters of courses per year, varying in range from single session classes to those lasting up to ten weeks. Courses typically meet weekly at one of several convenient locations in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area.   For more information click here or go to


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