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What is an offering to God? Charity to God’s children.-- Talmud

Your contributions are an expression of support for Bet Mishpachah.  Both members and non-members are encouraged to make donations in honor or in memory of a special person or occasion.  Acknowledgment cards are sent upon request.  Please give and give generously!
   To make a donation, please complete and return a Donation Form (PDF) or pay via PayPal using the link below. 

When using PayPal, you must first enter the donation amount.  Then you can either login to your PayPal account or you can you use your credit card. Note the fund (see the list of funds below) and an explanation for your donation by clicking on the "special instructions to sellers" link on the confirmation page.



For additional information, please contact our Treasurer.





Bet Mishpachah Funds

You can designate your contribution to the general operating fund or one of the specialty funds described below.

Operating Fund
Covers day to day operating expenses throughout the year. Annual dues and most donations go into this fund.

Housing Fund
Established so that we would be able to someday invest in a “place of our own.” As we continue to grow, our future housing needs will initially be covered by this fund. Until we have our home, this fund is used to pay the costs of making our rental space more comfortable and to meet our current space needs.

Ritual Objects Fund
Supports the acquisition and repair of religious and ritual objects. Our Torah and the development of our Siddur and High Holy Day Machzor have been paid for by this fund.

David Green Memorial Special Projects Fund
Supports special projects not covered by our operating budget.

Richard A. Kopely Emergency Assistance Fund
Provides short-term, emergency financial assistance to people in need, through small grants or loans. The Rabbi and the President of the Congregation are responsible for deciding who will receive money from this fund.

Richard Krampf Memorial Social Action Fund
Funds are used to augment contributions of the Social Action Committee, which has included food drives, clothing drives, community service days, and financial support to Jewish and Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans organizations. The fund will help Bet Mishpachah continue its support to these and many other social action activities.

Monica Lobo Filho Baruch Memorial Fund for Visiting Artists and Scholars
Dedicated to enriching the Congregation’s cultural life by providing a source of support for a visiting artists and scholars program.

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Mark Leonard Goldfarb Memorial Accessibility Fund
Assists members with special needs, such as tactile interpreting or Braille books. The purposes of the fund are (1) to provide access, (2) to communicate the readiness of the congregation to provide access, and (3) as a means to start pilot programs for special needs individuals, which if successful, would be taken over by the synagogue.

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
Funded through contributions and used for the Rabbi’s professional and charitable expenses not otherwise covered by any Congregational fund.

Joel & Murray Woldman Oneg Shabbat & Kiddush Fund
Established by a bequest from Joel Woldman. Its purpose is to provide for onegs and kiddush supplies, and for refreshments when other sponsors have not materialized.

Endowment Fund
Established by the Board of Directors to provide a sound financial foundation for the Congregation. Bequests, not otherwise directed, go into this fund.

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