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Film Screening "Yossi" @ DCJCC

  • 18 Jun 2013
  • 7:30 AM
  • DC JCC
Eytan Fox returns to the check in on the lead of his tragic romance, Yossi & Jagger, with an all-star Israeli cast of Ohad Knoller, Lior Ashkenazi, Oz Zehavi, and Orly Silbersatz Banai in tow.

Ten years have passed and Yossi is living a lonely existence in Tel Aviv, seeking retreat in his work as a doctor. When an emotional meeting unfolds in his consulting room, stirring up long suppressed memories of his relationship with Jagger, Yossi decides to take off on a long overdue holiday.

Driving through the desolate streets of southern Israel, stark images of city life eventually give way to rolling road trip beauty and when he chances on a group of young, lively soldiers, he finally wakes up from his decade-long slumber.

$11.  Use link below to buy ticket.

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